Private Label Your Own CBD Products

Dominate your shelves by creating your own CBD brand using Honest CBD Labs' superior CBD products!

Complete Turn-Key CBD Private Label & Digital Marketing Services.

Private Label Your Own CBD
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Complete Turn-Key CBD Private Labeling Services

Honest CBD Labs has created a complete turn-key private labeling service for you to create your own brand to sell in your dispensary, online through e-commerce, or through other distribution channels that you choose.

We’ve already positioned and regulated the quality of our CBD products. Now, we’ve created a process for you to use it and build your brand.

Honest CBD Labs Private Labeling Services

Our private label process includes everything from brand conception and development, labeling, and manufacturing. We also offer digital marketing solutions to market your brand, distribute online through e-commerce, and position your brand on the web to dominate your local market or have national or international reach.

Private Labeling CBD Services

Brand Development

  • Logo Design/Creation
  • Website Domain Registration
  • Website Design
  • eCommerce Storefront Implementation
  • Design Collateral Material
  • Social Media Management
  • PPC Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • and More!!!

Why Choose Honest Labs Products To Private Label With?

Honest CBD Labs sources and manufactures the highest quality CBD products. All of Honest’s CBD products are regulated by having third-party clinical laboratory tests done to ensure quality to its customers. When you choose Honest CBD Labs to source your private label, you eliminate having to do the quality control yourself and can be confident that your product is the best in CBD quality.

Honest CBD Labs Marketing Services
We have marketed and positioned Honest CBD Labs as the premium “Gold Standard” in CBD products. So, we already know what it takes to bring your brand to market and position it for success.

Your ambition combined with Honest’s product quality, experience, market knowledge, team, and customer service is a formula for success.

Skip the research, development, trials, errors, loss of time, and money when trying to build a CBD brand on your own and utilize our experience to get there and create a successful brand from the start.

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